As member of the accredited cluster, Mediklaszter, we have participated at the first HUNGAROMED Health and Medical Technology Exibition.

Held on October 11–13 in Budapest, the event hosted almost 100 exhibitors (including the largest manufacturing and trading companies of medical technology, appliances and equipment, private health service providers, health insurance funds and professional organizations). The event was attended by the leaders of the profession. The exhibition and the related programmes allowed participants to get an insight into the most cutting-edge technological achievements and the latest analyses.

Managing Director of Premet has also delivered a presentation on a related program organised by the cluster on the application of metal 3D printing in dental and medical sectors.

At the exhibition we have presented examples of 3D printed products, focusing on titanium and PEEK, in order to demonstrate their applicability in the medical sector.

Hungaromed Kiállítás / Hungaromed 2018